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"Releasing on June 28, 2022"

Heaven Within

Restoring Wholeness
 for Better Leadership

By: Candace Mae

Complete with two exclusive complementary workbooks, promises a transformation in your business, mindset, and relationship with Christ.

Get the Companion Workbook to Heaven Within for FREE - preorders are happening now, with books shipping on June 28th. 

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Expand Your Understanding about The Hidden Truth

This book covers:

  • Generational and systemic issues
  • ​The brain and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Conscious and unconscious mind
  •  Life and leadership principles
  • ​Stories of personal life experiences that apply the principles

Book Blurb

The workplace is the largest mission field in the world—and as authentic disciples of Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit, we can be the vessel that touches the lives of others with the love of Christ, thereby changing the world with ripple effects.
To do so, however, we, as leaders, need to wake up to the Truth. It is time for us to break free from the binds that hold us and to uncover our Truths; identify the limiting beliefs that we hold that shape our reactions and beliefs; discover our true identity and higher purpose.

This mission requires us to heal and transform from within so we can better lead others—and if we love God first (and then ourselves), we can lead others through love. With this in mind, we must work on restoring ourselves to wholeness—physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually—with the guidance and love of Christ’s Spirit. By sharing her own God Stories, it is Candace Mae’s hope that she can act as a bridge between you and Christ, thus allowing you to develop your authentic discipleship with Christ in and through your business; that by speaking of her journey and by highlighting the lessons she has learned along the way, she will touch and inspire others to commence their healing journey, led by Christ.

Covering a whole range of themes with the potential to impact your employees and thus your business—from systemic prejudice and intergenerational pain and abuse to the fight-or-flight response—Candace Mae brings to vivid clarity the reality of a life lived without Christ, and thus the importance of your forming a close relationship with Christ’s Spirit dwelling within you. By allowing Christ’s Spirit to transform your life, you can integrate a holistic approach to life and business, in turn empowering you to experience His presence with peace beyond understanding. This will also provide you with a newfound ability to lead with love in your life and business.

So, are you ready to grow and find your true potential? If so, may this book begin your journey to transformation and purpose!

About the Author CandaceMae

Candace Mae spends her days steeped in connectedness with Christ's Spirit to allow her the Divine insight and guidance on personal and business growth. Whether she's working with her staff, or coaching women in leadership, executives, and business owners – or serving as a Marketplace Care Partner, her sole focus is on integrating love in the workplace to better herself and her clients. 

Candace Mae’s skills were honed through over 20 years working as a Project Manager with cross-functional teams and consultants from around the world to implement Enterprise Resource Planning systems that integrated management of core business processes for both corporate and higher educational institutions. CandaceMae incorporates change management principles when helping clients and businesses embrace change. With strong administrative and teaching skills, and a broad base of business industries, the expertise she brings to each client is a critical intersection of world-class training she has received as well as her own hard-fought experience, and authored material.

As a Certified Teacher, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, and an independent affiliate of The John Maxwell Team at the highest level (Executive Director), Candace Mae uses corporate-level training materials, combined with her unique experience, education, gifts/talents, and palpable direct yet warm personality. In addition to the Comprehensive Leadership Development Flagship Program, she offers in-depth training and coaching experience, augmented with consulting as needed to transform the lives, relationships, and businesses of her clients.  

Clients repeatedly say, “I have found CandaceMae to be mission-driven, with a strong belief in making a positive impact in the world. She is the kind of person that believes that one small action can make great change. I have seen this belief in the way she builds tools and connects resources to leverage momentum, builds awareness and inspires positive change. CandaceMae has a caring character – she works hard to build trusting relationships with the people she works with and has a strong work ethic. I strongly recommend Candace Mae Gruber.” 
Sean Gil, Career Center Director, University of California, Riverside

Get the Companion Workbook to Heaven Within for FREE - preorders are happening now, with books shipping on June 28th. 

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